Abstract Expression
Abstract Expression

Artist Statement

What is Art

This is the question.
For the longest time through the centuries of existence
the mankind has picked up or put it in dormant art for
variety of reasons.Masters of art have been asked this
same question.
The answer has been various.When they asked
Picasso “What is art” his answer was: what is not.
sarcastic but yet true.Eventually if one wants to answer
this question in more depth or substance the answer
is Love.What pushes one to create?
Hate, dissatisfaction, confusion, sorrow, loneliness,
adventure, meeting, missing, departure, a laughter or
a cry, a scream or a whisper develop a feeling in a
human, a feeling of hunger a hunger of Love.
Love is the only way of Life…
“Love lives forever…” MarHak
Expression of Love is Art.
Love is from here to eternity that is why no one can
touch it but can become a fragment of it.
Each and every artist in some way shape or form
wants to become a part of that,a part of Love, a part
of Life and a part of Art.

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